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Broken systems in public…

by on Jul.09, 2013, under General

Since I don’t have time to actually write the articles I want to, I thought I’d add a post to share my collection of photos of broken systems.  These are systems I find in public places, like hotels, airports, and grocery stores and I take a picture.  So here’s my collection:

IMG_0045  IMG_0052  IMG_0048

The photos above are pretty old, but as I was walking past the Chase ATM at the local Dominick’s I noticed that a start menu was displayed on the screen.  And being curious I had to touch it to see what was installed.  Oddly enough it had Windows Movie Maker, which I find to be a strange application to have installed on an ATM.  Also curious that ActiveState Perl and Acrobat Reader were installed…would seem to me that the image for the ATMs was bloated.

IMG_1624  IMG_1105  IMG_0957

Above is the airport collection, although I could swear that I had more of these…Flight notification screens, baggage claim, and an internet kiosk.  By the way, who in the hell uses this system?  I have a feeling this some sucker bought this in a “get rich overnight” scam where they “own” the system and sit at home and make it big!  Suckers.

IMG_1301  IMG_1408

As much as I enjoy staying at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas they always seem to have an issue with that cool display system they run in the lobby, throughout the casino, and the elevators.  The first one was just a licensing issue with the software, which I originally took so I could remember the name of the app.  Surprisingly, it isn’t that expensive.  The second photo is from the LCD screens in the elevator.

IMG_1975  IMG_1974

Keeping with the elevator track, the above two photos are from the elevators in the Aon Center where my office is…I think.  I’m not really sure since I only go there once a month or so.  I wasn’t sure if I should be worried if I’d get stuck in the elevator, but then I remembered that the screen on the left shows the “elevator” news so no one needs to make eye contact on the long elevator rides up to the 59th floor.  Assuming that the IP is a true public then it comes back as owned by Savvis in Missouri somewhere just south of Chesterfield.  Oh, and the kernel version is from 2007 and the SSID is bay15.

IMG_1473    IMG_1703  IMG_1981

The last three are randoms.  First is from DePaul University in the lobby where the app running the kiosk crashed…why?  In the second one I think Best Buy needs to dispatch the Geek Squad, although this seems to be a Flash issue if watchdog.sys is causing the BSOD.  Finally, a bar with a broken poker machine….running Linux.

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